Above China – Mutianyu Great Wall

The wall: 

Untitled1111111111111111111 (Large)
IMG_2331111111111111111111111111111 (Large)
IMG_232555555555555555555555 (Large)
IMG_231000000000000000000000 (Large)
IMG_23033333333333333333333333333 (Large)
IMG_2295555555555555555555555555 (Large)
IMG_229111111111111111111111111 (Large)
IMG_22811111111111111111111111 (Large)
IMG_2268888888888888888888 (Large)
IMG_2258888888888888888888888 (Large)
IMG_22511111111111111111 (Large)
IMG_22422222222222222222222222 (Large)
IMG_2229999999999999999999999 (Large)
IMG_22188888888888888888888888 (Large)
IMG_220222222222222222222 (Large)
IMG_2197777777777777777777 (Large)
IMG_2194444444444444444444 (Large)
IMG_2312222222222222 (Large)

IMG_22088888888888888888888888 (Large)

And what can be seen from the wall:

IMG_23099999999999999999999999 (Large)
IMG_23088888888888888888888888888 (Large)
IMG_22455555555555555555555 (Large)
IMG_2244444444444444444444444 (Large)
IMG_224333333333333333333333 (Large)
IMG_22099999999999999999999999999999 (Large)
IMG_22077777777777777777777 (Large)
IMG_22622222222222222222222222 (Large)
IMG_2261111111111111111111111 (Large)


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