Graphic Designer and Photographer

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7 thoughts on “Me

  1. Felicitari, vad ca ai reusit sa intri la arhitectura in cele din urma….am urmarit cu interes threadul tau de pe visual art :)…ma bucur ca ai reusit!!!! Felicitari!!!!

    1. thanks… dar nu am intrat la nicio arh din simplul motiv ca nu am mai dat inca o data admiterea. daca citeai tot de pe VA vedeai asta. threadul meu de desen de acolo nu a mai fost utilizat de mult timp, desene mele de pregatire erau in alta parte postate.

  2. Hello, it become so intersting for me as I saw your webpage some of the photos are fantastic,I have also took so many photos but I think not compairable, nice job !.

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